Beep.. Beep.. Signs of life… :)



To all those who cared enough (or were foolish enough 😛 ) to follow my blog posts here..

I didn’t die in a car accident.
The Decepticons did not finish me in Egypt.
I didn’t get arrested.
My Jaeger didn’t get destroyed in the battle of Hong Kong.
I didn’t get terribly sick and bed-ridden.

I am alive !

I apologize for my absence from the my blog. It is a lesson I need to learn and will keep learning – be consistent.

Now, here is some news :
1. I have a new job as a Communications Coordinator with E3 resources and I am blogging weekly at .
I am working to link that blog with this, so those posts can appear here too!

2. I have found, finally, the other half of my life! Her name is Sheetal. I intend to marry her God willing, this year and we intend to live our lives for the purpose of declaring the glory of Jesus, who is worthy to be served and loved !

More coming up soon,


Correction gone…

Correction gone wrong..

I have received correction when I have been dead in the wrong. They were right, I was wrong. I just.. wish.. they had reminded me of my Saviour Jesus when they corrected me. That would have helped me, the criminal. But they didn’t remind me of His love.
And that, made them so unlike Christ.
– “Monsters of my making”

So you giving me advice? :o)

Lessons this Christian has learned - hopefully - last couple of weeks:

1. When I think my anger or bitterness will stay hidden in my heart 
and will not be noticed in my behavior, 
I need to think again.

2. Jesus loves me so much that He will let me go through 
humbling experiences and sheer disasters, if that is what 
is needed to make me become like Jesus in character. 
If I don't learn, humiliating experiences will follow, for the same reason.

3. If I mistreat a Christian who appears younger or weaker than me, 
I am setting myself up for a showdown with his Master 
and mine- God's Holy Spirit.

4. These 3 things are sure recipes to destroy a Christian community - 
"I-am-more-spiritual-than-you", gossip, and assumptions.

5. Wise and biblical words that I first heard 6 years ago, will stand true 
even today. It is old need not mean it is outdated. 
If it's Bible truth, it's rock solid baby.

6. The lessons Holy Spirit sends in life that I don't want to learn, 
will be repeated until I have learned them. Remember to 
count it His kindness.

7. I will feel it when God doesn't love me. Those times are 
accompanied by low and depressed feelings. 
Point#7 above, is a BIG lie.

8. God's love does not depend on my actions. 
It always depended on Jesus' actions. 
I mean, that action the Bible calls "dying for your sins." 

9. Mission for Jesus' fame has never been done without the love of Jesus 
in the heart. Try not to build a church without true love. 
It will resemble a beautiful grave at best.

10. In His worst moments, He did what was best for me. 
That is Jesus on the cross, 
being crushed by God the Father's punishment, for me.
Believe it and be exceedingly glad.


"This is your life. Treat yourself right. Treat others right. 
Live like you know you should.
This is life. Fight the good fight. Fight for what's right. 
Live like you know you should."

- Newsboys

First tastes sw…

First tastes sweet, till it rots in your mouth.

“Old as the hills, new everyday
It’s in the bones like it’s DNA
First taste is sweet ’til it rots in your mouth
Another old friend who rats you out
All of the time in this life
Can’t loose the ties that bind
They shackle our feet, we trip, we fall
We crawl
I was born in the mess of it all

Then You rescued me, rescued me
Lord, with a touch of Your hand
Another captive free again
Who else in heaven could do this but You?
You rescued me, rescued me
Lord, with a love out of mind
Oh, You know I love it when

Everyday I am rescued again”

– “Rescue”, Newsboys.

Accused pleads guilty. Punishment transferred.

Here are some statements I came up with after some thought in the last couple of days. If you are a friend of mine, you might have noticed these things about me –

“Aravind, you can be very arrogant at times”.

“Aravind, you sometimes think you are better than others, don’t you?”

“You can be so controlling Aravind.”

“You need to tone down. I know you are a zealous guy, but please stop shoving things down others throats”.

“You can’t keep your word”.

“You are a fault-finder.”

“You just want your way. You don’t even want to hear others’ opinions!”.

“You have a hidden life. People may think you are a nice Christ-follower, but you are a prideful, lustful, man who wants to please other people more than God a lot of times. Those things you speak against, you practice those very things. You have been a hypocrite”.


Do you know how many statements above would I not be able to deny, or defend?

In case you are wondering –

None. All of these are true about me.

I am guilty of these and more. If you knew my inmost thoughts, you would probably not want to meet me. I would understand that. Sometimes I think if I ever met me, I would not be able to forgive me. I would judge myself.

Know how that feels?

If someone started a court that punished people for committing arrogance, egoism and lust, I would be on trial very soon. But I actually know someone who knows every thought and action I have ever done and interestingly, His response when I pleaded guilty was to put Himself on trial and take up my punishment. Only He could do it. But He need not have done it. As a result, as I type this I can almost hear Him say –

“Pulickel, son! No charges brought against you by people shall stick to you. They are dropped only because they now stick to my Son nailed to that cross.”

And what’s more, I desire to become like Jesus. Jesus makes me live toward true change.

But on days like today, I don’t think I have lived like Jesus.. I feel like I may have ended up destroying any good growth that has happened in my life in the last 24 months. That’s how I feel when I look at the sins I have thought, said and done. Which is why I will understand if people want to hate me. When they don’t hate me in spite of knowing the things I have done, I am surprised. But when I stand beside my Saviour Jesus, and He, the perfect One loves me unconditionally, I can’t understand it. Nope ! It’s too deep to type!

How long will my soul live for selfish desires Lord?!

Please, someone help me.

I put no trust …

I put no trust in my church family.

I put no trust in my church family. Neither do my blogs or my writing job or my elders or my mentors bring me victory.

“But You give us victory over our enemies. You put our adversaries to shame.”  – Psalm 44:7 

You Jesus, put our lust to shame, our self-importance to shame, our fears to shame.